Foleum salviae


Sage, (Salvia officinalis), aromatic herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae) cultivated for its pungent leaves. Sage is native to the Mediterranean region and is used 

Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae. Salviae folium. N. Šalvějový list. Synonymum. Folium salviae.

Foleum salviae

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Rubi idaeus folium. Rusci rhizoma. Rutae herba. Salicis cortex. Salviae officinalis folium. Salviae trilobae folium.

For ancient folium Salviae was used to treat such ailments as upper respiratory infections, inflammation, urinary tract infections and more. The summary of these many medicinal properties is a piece of Anglo-Saxon manuscript from the first millennium AD - ′′ Why does a man die when he has sage?".

Name of Drug. Salviae folium, sage leaf. Composition of Drug. Sage leaf consists of the fresh or dried leaf of Salvia officinalis L. [Fam.

Salviae folium – list žalfije Salvia officinalis L., Lamiaceae SASTAV: etarsko ulje, flavonoidi, fenolkarbonske kiseline, tanini UPOTREBA: antiseptik i adstringens. DROGA: za vreme cvetanja ubran i osušen list Rosmarini folium – list ruzmarina Rosmarinus officinalis L., Lamiaceae.

Defi nition Sage Leaf consists of the dried leaves of Salvia offi cinalis L. Monographs on (common or Dalmatian) sage leaf from Salvia offi cinalis L. and three-lobed L. and three-lobed sage leaf from Salvia fructicosa Mill.

new. Značka: Příroda. Kategorie: Sušené byliny, jíly a prášky. Dostupné varianty 100g Skladem Dostupné  Vitis idaeae folium, Mirtilli folium, Fragariae folium, Salviae folium, Helichrysi flos, and Teucrii montani herba extracts showed the best DPPH and FRAP results. extractum radix salviae miltiorrhizae中文丹參提取物…,點擊查查權威綫上辭典 "salviae officinalis folium" 中文翻譯: 洋蘇草葉; "salviae trilobae folium" 中文  Salvia officinalis. Sage, Common.

24 Sep 2014 Salvia triloba L.fil.]. Studies with its main characteristic constituents the essential oil with cineole as major compound, phenolic acids and  Salviae trilobae folium (Three-lobed Sage Leaf) – Online consultation. September 24, 2014. Sorry, but you don't have permission to view this content. If you are  Sage leaf consists of the whole or cut dried leaves of Salvia officinalis L. It contains not less than.

Flos) 🌱 Sage leaf (Salviae Folium) 🌱 Leaf of a lanceted woman (Plantaginis lanc. Folium) 🌱 Mint Leaf (Menthae Folium) 🌱 Poor guy root (Pimpinellae Radix) 🌱 Licorice root (Glycyrrhizae Radix) 🌱 Thymi Herb (Thymi Herba) 🌱 Bird's rdest herb (Polygoni avicul. Superseded list of references supporting the assessment report on: Salviae folium and Salviae aetheroleum: Salvia officinalis L., folium and Salvia officinalis L., aetheroleum: (Sage leaf and Sage oil) (PDF/310.1 KB) Quality control of drugs consists of identifying the raw material to avoid unwanted admixtures or exchange of material as well as looking for abiotic and biotic contaminations. So far, identity and microbial contamination are analyzed by separate processes and separate methods. Species identificatio … Sage leaf consists of the fresh or dried leaf of Salvia officinalis L. [Fam. Lamiaceae], and preparations thereof in effective dosage. The leaves contain at least 1.5 percent (v/w) thujone-rich essential oil, based on the dried herb.

Ultrafiltration reveals that 60–100% of these metals are present as low molecular weight species (<5000 Da Sage Tea or infusion of Sage is a valuable agent in the delirium of fevers and in the nervous excitement frequently accompanying brain and nervous diseases. It has a considerable reputation as a remedy, given in small and often-repeated doses. Folium Melissae 241 Aetheroleum Menthae Piperitae 251 Folium Menthae Piperitae 263 Herba Millefolii 271 Herba Origani 285 Herba Pegani harmalae 299 Folium Plantaginis majoris 313 Herba Polygoni avicularis 329 Folium Salviae 343 Folium Sennae 363 Radix cum Herba Taraxaci 373 SMPvol5.indd iii 30.06.10 14:35 Latin name, Salviae officinalis folium. English common name, Sage Leaf.

Rubi idaeus folium. Rusci rhizoma.

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en Whereas urticae herba, tiliae flos, sambuci flos, salviae folium, rosmarini folium, quercus cortex, millefolii herba, melissae folium, matricariae flos and butylscopolaminium bromide should be inserted into Annex II to Regulation (EEC) No 2377/90;

2. Qualitative and quantitative composition1, 2 Well-established use Traditional use Sep 24, 2014 The effectiviness of Folium Salviae as corrosion inhibitors was not seen at pHs 4 and 4,5 but inhibition efficiency up to 85- 90% and 70-75% can be obtained at pHs 5 and 7, respectively. It is observed that Radix (Liquiritae) Glycrryhizae didn't behave as a good inhibitor at all pHs studied.Bu çalışma Ç.Ü. Bilimsel Araştırma Projeleri Salviae offi cinalis folium Synonyms: Common or Dalmatian sage leaf.